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Why Choose Us

  • Compassionate Beginnings is unique because we meet every Egg donor and Gestational Carrier in person
  • We have a highly selective database that offers quick matches and start times
  • We thoroughly screen our candidates and have commitment from them before placing them on as active
  • Egg donors or Gestational Carriers who are chosen are taken off the database and not put back on until they are cleared to cycle again
  • We work with many different fertility centers throughout the United States.  The majority of our matches are with Cincinnati, Cleveland, Columbus and Dayton,Ohio.  We also work with Kentucky and Indiana fertility clinics

Our Goal

Our Goal is to help Recipient Parents realize their dream of having a child through the incredible gift of egg donation or surrogacy. We are dedicated in making this journey as smooth and stress-free as possible.
We value and care about our Egg donors and Gestational Carriers and will ensure that each one understands the process and the miraculous gift they are providing.

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Compassionate Beginnings™ is an egg donation agency, and a surrogacy agency located in Cincinnati, Ohio, supporting women interested in donating eggs, to become an egg donor or to become a gestational carrier. Although located in Cincinnati, Ohio, we also serve several neighboring areas such as Dayton, Columbus, Cleveland, Indianapolis, Louisville, and others. We routinely set appointments to meet donors throughout Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana.

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